Exploring Miraflores

¡Hola! ¡Felices Fiestas Patrias! Today is Peru’s independence day. I suspect there will be parades and festivities later in the day because everywhere we’ve gone we’ve seen banners announcing the holiday.Window shopping
We spent the foggy, wet weekend getting to know Lima, and specifically Miraflores. On Saturday we found a local store and John had a couple suits made. Many things here are cheaper than in the states, and then some things are more expensive, so I guess it balances out. We found some good deals, though, and explored a little past our immediate block or two of shops. We found a nice little cafe for lunch. I had the Peruvian signature dish: Anticuchos, which is seasoned beef heart slices on a skewer. It’s a delicious dish! Although nearly everything we’ve put in our mouths this past week has been delicious. We are in love with the local cuisine!

A Peruvian fish dish

A Peruvian fish dish

The food is beautiful, too (like this fish dish I had earlier in the week – probably the best fish I’ve ever eaten). You can tell most restaurants have very well trained chefs. We ordered cafe lattes with our lunch on Saturday and I was surprised when I looked down at my mug and saw a sun smiling back at me. They do latte art here, too :).

Latte art

Latte art

We also found another grocery store while we were out. It’s not far from where our apartment is located, so we may be new frequenters. Guess what we saw in the freezer section?? I couldn’t believe it! Blue Bell Ice Cream (the best ice cream you’ll ever buy – and generally only sold in the southwest of the US). We’ll be keeping that in mind for a special occasion 🙂Bluebell icecream



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    • Anytime you want!! Spring starts in October and it starts getting nicer. A bit cold now. Email me dates and we can talk about it 🙂


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