Preschool in Peru

On Tuesday the kids started preschool, or “Nido” as it’s called here.

First day of Nido!

First day of Nido!

We had never planned to send our kids to preschool, since our plan is to homeschool, but considering the circumstances we decided to take the plunge for this one year. We really wanted them to pick up Spanish in our short time here. Everyone in Lima does Nido. You will never see a child over 18 months old out and about in the mornings. These facts brought us to two realizations: 1) keeping the kids out of preschool would have meant very lonely days with little to no interaction with other kids at the park, etc. and 2) by enrolling them in a local Spanish-speaking school we are effectively immersing them in the language while simultaneously giving me time to focus on my own Spanish learning (through Rosetta Stone, other programs, and tutoring). We believe it was a good decision. So far both the kids love their school. Olivia was right at home, and woke up the first day ecstatic to go to Nido. Cliff had a harder time, but by the second day he seemed to mostly enjoy himself. He loves playing with the little girls his age!

Making new friends

Making new friends

Maybe because he has a sister…? It’s pretty cute.



Olivia has come home both days bursting with excitement as she recounts to us her day. I’ve never seen her so excited! It was terribly hard for me to leave them the first day, but I can see it will be good for them. It’s so hard for me to learn that my littles are just as safe outside of my personal care. God is always watching over them, and continues to guard and guide them even when I am not there to see. I’m so thankful that He does!


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