Music and trains

This week our household goods arrived from the states! It is so nice to have things like a decent cutting board, a rocking chair, a crib and our double jogging stroller! We were getting along without these things, but it’s oh, so helpful now that we have them! After we fed the kids this morning, we loaded them up in the jogging stroller for a leisurely stroll to the park. There’s a great little vegan/gluten-free cafe that sets up at an organic market, so we grabbed a few treats/breakfast and a coffee and enjoyed some time with the kids in the fresh (as fresh as Lima gets) air.

As soon as Cliff saw the train he started shouting, “choo-choo!!”

say "choo-choo"!

say “choo-choo”!

It’s amazing how trains and trucks are just somehow ingrained in little boys’ minds. They know they’re cool! He was so excited to see the train up this close. And so were all the other little boys at the park! This is the place to be…

boys and trains...

boys and trains…

The kids really needed some time to just run around and scream. Olivia even asks me sometimes, “mama, can I scream here?” Most places the answer is no…so they enjoyed screaming this morning.

running off some energy and exercising the lungs

running off some energy and exercising the lungs

An older group of men set out some instruments in the grass and before we knew it every child who could walk on their own two feet was making a bee-line for them. Cliff immediately went for the guitar and Olivia was fascinated by the drum.

beating her drum

beating her drum

"wanna trade?"

“wanna trade?”

It was a good outing for the kids. John and I were reminded that sometimes our day just needs to be about the kids, and not our to-do list. They sure had a great time!

playing guitar with daddy

playing guitar with daddy

Those smiles make all the rough days worth it!

climbing on the train

climbing on the train









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