Parque Amistad

This week the kids were off of school all week. We enjoyed having some time as a family in the mornings. One morning we decided to make the trip up to Surco and visit what would come to be known as, “the train park”. When we arrived we found out that while the park opened at 9am, the train didn’t start until 11:30am. But that was okay. We enjoyed a very leisurely walk around the park and took our time watching the ducks and koi in the pond.

Watching the ducks

Watching the ducks

Cliff befriended a female duck under some bushes and was very intent on “touch”ing. (Everything is “touch?” lately.) I raised ducks as a teenager, so I knew she would bite, even though she appeared friendly. I told him a few times and kept moving his hand away from her bill just in time, until his reached as quicker than my reflexes. It didn’t feel good, but I think the crying was more from surprise and betrayal at his ducky friend taking a nip at him. He continued trying to reach for the ducks – we just made sure there was a fence separating them after that.



This gorgeous bridge was a gift from the king and queen of Spain to Peru in the early 2000’s.  It was beautifully tiled in colors of green, red and yellow.

Under the big bridge

Under the big bridge

Me and my boy

Me and my boy

 After some reading in the kids library and play time on the big playground, we bought our tickets to ride the little steam engine train.  The kids were ecstatic.

Riding the choo-choo train!

Riding the choo-choo train!

 It was a short little ride around the park, but we got to go twice, which was just long enough for the littles.  On the way back home, we discovered the delicious Indian food restaurant we had deliver a couple weeks back, so we stopped in for some yummy Vindaloo and Chicken Masala. It was not disappointing.  I only wish they handed out the recipes so I could duplicate the deliciousness myself at home.  It was a good end to a fun morning out!


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