Journey through Peru: Cusco

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Continuing with our Journey Through Peru from (quite) a while ago, here is Cusco (I never promised I would blog on time – just that I would blog 😉 )!

Our trip to Cusco started at 10pm. After getting caught in the evening rain of Puno, we packed up once again and made the trek to the bus station. We boarded at 10:00 and were happy to hear that our bus would be arriving earlier than we thought in Cusco. Thanks to a lot of prayers, the kids slept the entire time (although Cliff tossed and turned a lot – still not quite adjusted to the altitude). We arrived in Cusco at 4:30am. We took a taxi on faith to our hotel – praying they would let us check in very early. Sure enough, they did! By the time we got into our room it was 5:30am and they were serving breakfast downstairs. The kids were awake and we decided not to make them go back to sleep on empty tummies. So we had breakfast, went back to bed, and slept the rest of the morning. I was so thankful they got some more rest! That late bus ride had taken it out of all of us. By noon we hit the road to do some exploring – one kid in the Ergo and one in the umbrella stroller.

At the Plaza de Armas

At the Plaza de Armas

The cobblestone streets were challenging to navigate, but our stroller seemed to be holding up so far.

On the way to the Mercado

On the way to the Mercado

In the Plaza de Armas

In the Plaza de Armas

We saw quite a bit in Cusco, but still just barely scratched the surface. It was a much different city than any of the previous cities we’d visited in Peru. It definitely catered to the tourists. There were a lot of expensive souvenir shops, coffee places, and nice restaurants. We did really enjoy the open air market of Cusco – where you could buy a smoothie, some dried habas to snack on, an alpaca cap, and a dead pig for your next barbeque….

Beautiful old church

Beautiful old church

Cusco mamitas

Cusco mamitas in traditional dress

Unfortunately, Cliff got a pretty bad ear infection the first day we were in town, and by the second day I wasn’t feeling too well either.  We were still able to get out a bit, but ended up confined to the room for a good portion of our time there. We managed to enjoy our time as much as we could, got some laundry done (it had been 8 days on the road without washing!), and looked forward to a relaxing 5 days in the Sacred Valley next.


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